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Masala Chai

₹ 100/100 Gms

Masala Chai is the All time favourite tea for most Indians. It is made with CTC Super fine Dust. Absolute Magical blend with Indian Spices. Spices for Indian Masala Chai are sourced from its native land. Like pepper is sourced from Western Ghats, Cardamoms, cloves are sourced from Gods own Country and Perfectly blended with our tea with our Tea Expert.


Handmade Organic Green Tea

₹ 450/25 Gms

Finest Green tea from India. This is one of the Best tea hand picked in the organic Tea Garden, these tea are directly sourced from the farmers who are practising bio Dynamic Tea Cultivation for the past three generations. Green tea was used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine to control bleeding and heal wounds, aid digestion, improve heart and mental health and regulate body temperature.Recent studies have shown green tea can potentially have positive effects on everything from weight loss to liver disorders, type 2 diabetes and alzheimer's disease. For two grams you can brew about 4 Cups of Tea.


Peppermint Tea

₹ 500/25 Gms

Perfect Tea to start your day.Peppermint tea is a herbal tea made from an infusion of peppermint, It is caffeine-free. Peppermint tea is a delicious and refreshing way to boost your overall health in a number of ways, due to its ability to improve digestion, reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, relax the body and mind, cure bad breath, aids in weight loss and boosts the immune system. For a gram you can brew about 2 Cups of Tea


Chamomile Tea

₹ 450/25 Gms

Brew a cup of fragrant chamomile tea to enjoy so many chamomile tea benefits! This herbal tea eases insomnia, boosts your immune system, banishes menstrual cramps, and much, much more! If you've been feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed, you may find soothing relief in a cup of chamomile tea. Steep a cup, and inhale its wonderful fragrance for some beneficial aromatherapy, and then feel your anxiety and worry melt away as you sip this delicious brew. Make it a part of your daily routine for full, long-lasting benefits. For 2 grams you can brew 4 cups of tea.


Vintage Black Tea

₹ 700/100 Gms

One of the finest Black tea from Darjeeling. Manufactured during the Second Flush. This tea is characterized by a well rounded, full bodied cup and a perfect deep golden color. Muscatel undertones heighten the experience of this well balanced tea. Vintage Black Tea is a classical tea which can speed up the rate of metabolism and make the body burn more fat.


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    Life is just like a cup of tea!
    It's all about how you make it!
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    Experience 90 cups of tea any time,
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    experience tea
    like never before
    The first ever tea room of South India is here!
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    Start with a sweet year with fresh baked seasonal cakes
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    Life is just like a cup of tea!
    It's all about how you make it!
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    Experience 90 cups of tea any time,
    Pick any Tea from our Menu and
    experience it the whole month.

Indian Masala Chai

The highest quality tea blended with Indian spices like Cloves, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger &Pepper to give a fine Masala Chai! Cause we Indians like it spicy!! The Indian Masala Chai has lot of Highest - high , Health Benefits like Fights Cold & Flu, Improves Digestion and Boosts Metabolism.


Royal Tea

A fine blend of Nilgiris Broken Orange Pekoe. An aromatic tea of best quality. A mild cup tea goes well with milk & sugar. The royal way to keep you relaxed!


Chocolate Tea

Fine Assam blend with chocolate flavour. Treat for chocolate lover. This tea is mild and goes well with milk and sugar.


English Breakfast Tea

The English Breakfast is a masterful blend of the finest teas originating from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya. Described as Full-bodied, robust, rich and blended to go well with Milk and Sugar


Nilgiri Black Tea

Nilgiri Black tea is generally described as being a dark, intensely aromatic, fragrant & flavoured tea. Black Teas have been linked with cancer prevention, decreased heart disease & lowered cholesterol and this is the best of the lot!


Darjeeling tea

Manufactured during the Second Flush. This tea is characterized by a well-rounded, full bodied cup and a perfect deep golden color. Muscatel undertones heighten the experience this well balanced tea.

Regular consumption of black tea can speed up the rate of metabolism and make the body burn more fat. So, if you are trying to lose weight, the tea would prove extremely beneficial to you. If you are suffering from diabetes, drinking the tea regularly will prove useful. It helps decrease glucose levels in the body.


Handmade Black tea

One of The Finest hand-picked tea from the Farmers of Nilgiris. Smooth and flavourful with a peach-citrus after taste, absolutely lovely black tea.


Earl grey

Tea flavoured with bergamot orange, made to imitate the most costliest Chinese teas . Known in England from the 1820s, this tea has so many health benefits. It acts as an aid for digestion,to fight anxiety and depression and to boost your energy level!


Nilgiri Green Tea

The Queen of hills is known for its rich,intensely,aromatic fragrant tea. The Nilgiris green tea is a gem among the lot! Green tea excels in weight loss and also for cleansing ones skin


Japanese Green tea

Japanese green tea includes 5 all natural,health enhancing nutrients to provide body immunity and energy support! Green tea extract combined with magic fruit (momordica), hibiscus, rose hips, and pomegranate gives you incredible antioxidant protection to help maintain optimal health.

The leaves are individually pinched and hand rolled in a traditional method. Patience, temperature control, and timing produce a fine jade colored leaf. This full bodied tea has delicate flavor and sweet aroma.


Handmade Green tea

The handmade green Tea is one of the finest tea, made with tea leaves hand-picked by our farmers in the organic farms of Nilgiris hills. These tea leaves are hand-picked with a single bud and two leaves, roasted in the large pan and sun dried. The aroma has scents of sweet wood, sweet hay, and a light fruity hint.


Handmade White Tea

The organic white tea directly sourced from the farmers. One the best and costliest tea from the world. White Tea contains up to three times as many antioxidants as green tea, this least-processed tea is the healthiest tea of all teas. It has a mild and sweet flavour that is velvet-like in smoothness, & has none of the grass-like flavours some green teas can produce.

Green tea can protect against cancer: There is growing evidence to suggest that green tea contains compounds that fight cancer. The tea contains a compound called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which helps inhibit blood vessel growth


Rose Buddy

Rose petals, blueberries, cherries, rose hips, blue mallow blossoms, strawberry leaves, raspberry leaves with strawberry, blackberry & raspberry fruit to brew the excellent rose buddy. Rose tea is fragrant, fruity and packed with vitamins and antioxidants making it the ideal drink when your body needs a boost.


Curvy Hips

Another wonderful blend made with South African red bush tea- Rooibos. Completely decaffeinated, which is ideal for kids and Pregnant Woman. Rooibos, orange peel, hibiscus, rose hips, apple pieces, safflowers, rose petals, orange, vanilla, & lemon make this a wonderful tea.


Rooibos Choco Ginger tea

South African red bush tea containing Rooibos, choco, ginger bits & barley malt. This tea is very healthy for pregnant ladies due to lack of caffeine level. One of the most exquisite form of teas!


Old memories

Made with Cherry, elderberry, rose hips, hibiscus, cranberry, blackberry & raspberry. The tea to live your old golden memories with every sip of this delight.



Brewed from fresh or dried leaves of the peach plant found in NorthWest China. Peach tea has enormous health benefits like detox,fighting cancer weight management and much more.

Peach Tea The caffeine in tea acts as more of a subtle stimulant, taking more than a few minutes to take effect, rather than hitting your system as quickly as coffee or cola. This effect is assisted by another compound found only in tea, theophylline. While caffeine chiefly targets the brain and muscles, theophylline stimulates the respiratory system, heart and kidneys. This helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system



Pomegranate is known for its benefits and pome tea is just a blessing in disguise! Pome tea can boost our immunity level,fight various skin disorders and also has numerous cardiovascular benefits.



Cinnamon tea,the classical flavoured tea! Other than the wonderful flavour it adds to tea,cinnamon can control blood sugar level,and also help in weight loss and belly fat reduction.


Lemon grass

Lemon grass is a good cleanser that helps to detoxify the liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder and the digestive tract. It cuts down uric acid, cholesterol, excess fats and other toxins in the body while stimulating digestion, blood circulation, and lactation; it also alleviates indigestion, gastroenteritis and relieves from PMS

Lemongrass is known for its calming effect that relieves insomnia or stress.



The luscious golden tone and delicate flavour that make it a traditional favourite. Chamomile tea has long been cherished as a soothing antidote for life's complications. Nourish your spirit and restore your calm as you savor a cup of our Chamomile Herb Tea.

Due to its chemical composition which consists of amino-acids, antioxidants, flavonoids, volatile oils and vitamin B complex, chamomile infusions help rejuvenate the texture of hair and skin. What is more, the tisanes can also be used as a sedative especially for babies and children. It is really helpful in colds, colitis or other stomach troubles. It is also recommended for nerves or menstrual cramps.



Sage has the longest history of use of any culinary or medicinal herb. Ancient Egyptians used it as a fertility drug. Sage Tea or infusion of Sage is a valuable agent in the delirium of fevers and in the nervous excitement frequently accompanying brain and nervous diseases


Stress Blocker

The Ingredients of this magical drink are mistletoe, bean peels, St. John's wort, birch leaves, ginkgo leaves, nettle leaves & lemon grass, all these are helpful in reducing cortisol levels which is produced under stress.


D-Cold Tea

Buddies cafe's signature drink which will give you relief from cold and fever! The flavour of this tea will refresh your mind and cleanse your lungs and give you a healthy body


Pure Black Iced Tea

One of The Refreshing tea from BUDDIES CAFE, made with Fresh black tea, Lemon, Ginger and Mint


Green Apple Iced Tea

Our Signature Iced Tea, Made with Green Apple


Peace of Mind

Signature drink of Buddies Cafe, Absolutely magical drink that makes you feel better in all Seasons.


Strawberry Iced Tea

Strawberry tea can be derived from the fruit or the leaves of the plant, but in most cases, the tea is prepared by steeping dried strawberry leaves in a glass of boiling water.Strawberry iced tea helps treating digestive problems, like diarrhoea.Relieving the symptoms of certain skin conditions like eczema

All time favorite tea for girls. Finest Black tea blended with Strawberries.